Summer Edition of the WEAvings Newsletter: We know this…

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Dear Friends,

In a sea of unknowns, we know this: The women leaders of our global alliance are made for this moment. We are in Aceh, Indonesia, St. Louis, Missouri, and Assam, India launching food distribution programs, caring for our elders, providing clean water, creating mutual aid, and ensuring women and children are staying safe. We aren’t waiting for government relief to come in, because it may never come. We aren’t losing sight of all there is to protect—our forests, our native lands, our rights, our dignity, and each other. Instead, we are doubling down, knowing we aren’t alone.

We are a global alliance of leaders who are committed to working at the intersection of gender, racial and environmental justice, because we know one can’t happen without the other.

We are in the U.S., creating local food security in "food deserts" where unjust systems deny communities of color healthy food. We are in Kenya facing unprecedented droughts compounded with locust outbreaks, circumventing fallen bridges and landslides to reach people in need. We are in Assam, India mobilizing mutual aid to people unable to work due to the compounding crises of COVID-19, armed conflict, and the strongest cyclone to hit the region in 20 years.

Our #WEAreMadeForThis Campaign supercharges the work of women leaders in our Alliance to respond in earnest to this moment. Please join us, and read below for more stories and updates from our work around the world.


In WEA’s latest WEAvings Newsletter, you’ll find more on:

  • WEA Leaders in Action: Indigenous Seed Keeper, Beth Roach, Responds to COVID-19
  • WEA Leaders in Action: Coordinating COVID-19 Relief through Women's Grassroots Networks in Nigeria
  • The launch of this year's Indonesia Accelerator with a new partnership + Indigenous Conservation Track
  • What's next for WEA + Sierra Club's 2020 U.S. Accelerator (hint: we're announcing this year's cohort soon!).
  • SIERRA Magazine features U.S. Accelerator Leader Magaly Santos' work advocating for farmworker communities
  • Supporting Black women-led grassroots organizations
  • Our recent recommended readings
  • And more!

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