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Your gift will provide grassroots women leaders with seed grant funding to launch vital environmental initiatives to protect the Earth and our communities.

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will sponsor an entire seed grant for 1 grassroots woman leader in Indonesia, who is protecting and monitoring forests, generating local livelihoods and improving the health and safety of families. With the match, your gift DOUBLES to $3,000 to support 2 women leaders!

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In addition to offering technical, entrepreneurial and leadership training for grassroots women leaders, WEA provides Seed Grants to help each woman’s environmental initiative succeed. Whatever amount you give today, your gift will be used to provide these vital seed grants to restore and protect the Earth.

Will you join us in #PlantingSeedGrants for change today?

You'll help women like...

Consolata Isichi


With support from people like you, Consolata (pictured above with her daughter) participated in WEA’s Women and Forestry Initiative. With help from a Seed Grant, she launched her own tree nursery. She grows trees to restore forests and generate a stable income for her family.

A passionate advocate for trees and the climate, Consolata is looking forward to instilling that same love of community and the Earth in her daughter who will inherit this forest. 


Sumarni Laman


Sumarni's initiative in Kalimantan, Indonesia is restoring degraded peatland ecosystems (some of the largest stores of carbon on Earth). She is building a youth tree-growing campaign to train forest-dwelling communities in agroforestry so they can restore their livelihoods and protect forests. 

Since 2019 Sumarni has already engaged over 4,300 youth and grown more than 13,200 trees! With your gift to provide more funding, Sumarni can train even more indigenous youth to be forest protectors and restore burned peatland.  


Rasheeda Hawk

United States

Rasheeda’s love of science and nature grew from watching her grandfather grow herbs in his garden and make natural medicines to heal his community. Now, as a biophysicist living in South Los Angeles, she works at the intersection of science, education and health. 

With help from the strategy, connections and seed funding she received through WEA’s 2021 Grassroots Accelerator program, Rasheeda is now training 500 youth scientists. They’re working to impact the lives of 20,000+ community members through the power of information and by planting drought-resistant species that help to create cleaner soil and air. Their goal is to reduce heavy metals in toxic soil hot spots by 75%!