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The Indonesia Accelerators for Grassroots Women Environmental Leaders

Founded in 2019, the Women's Earth Alliance Grassroots Accelerator catalyzes the efforts of Indonesian women leaders protecting their communities and ecosystems from environmental and climate threats like palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea-level rise. This initiative supports leaders from across the country to deepen their strategies, build powerful alliances, and scale their grassroots solutions for the environment.


WEA’s Indonesia Grassroots Accelerator (with Conservation International) has now accelerated the critical environmental solutions of over 50 grassroots women leaders from 20 out of the 32 regions of Indonesia-- protecting our forests from destruction, reviving our coral reefs, and conserving indigenous lands and lifeways. WEA identifies Indonesian women leaders who are protecting their communities and ecosystems from environmental and climate threats like palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea-level rise. From West Papua to Flores, Sumatra to Siluwesi and beyond - these leaders are now working together to scale the impact of their climate and environmental justice initiatives through our 4-month Designing for Action Curriculum. 


Generate quantifiable impact in leaders’ projects that restore ecosystems, transform agriculture and food systems, build green economies, and protect people’s health, rights and safety


Grow public awareness and visibility for key environmental campaigns and causes via WEA’s international network.


Bolster women’s environmental leadership nationally and internationally by strengthening women’s networks, spheres of influence, and access to resources

WEA Women in Indonesia are accelerating the impact of their existing projects in these intersectional areas and beyond:

Ecosystem Protection


Indigenous Conservation

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Regenerative Food Systems

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Land and Water Rights


Environmental  Innovation


Education for Sustainability


Climate Justice

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Waste Management

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Clean Energy


Environmental Entrepreneurship

2019 Indonesia Accelerator

Why Indonesia?

WEA recognizes that in this moment of environmental crisis, Indonesia is ground zero. As the fifth largest producer of greenhouse gases, Indonesia’s emissions rose 3% last year, nearly erasing the progress that several other nations made towards limiting the average global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius over the next 12 years. Women in Indonesia experience the brunt of these climate disruptions and therefore step forward as key leaders in designing solutions to critical issues, such as palm oil extraction, plastic pollution, and sea level rise.

Why a WEA Accelerator?

In the face of environmental crises, the diverse solutions that women environmental leaders deliver are critical to our survival. WEA’s action-oriented accelerators are designed for timely action and high impact, convening powerful groups of women leaders who are out front – fiercely protecting our water, food, air, forests, land, sacred sites, indigenous lifeways, and future generations. By investing in women leaders to scale solutions for change, we are creating the conditions for an inclusive, safe, and thriving world.

Through a blended learning curriculum of virtual and in-person programming, participants receive the up-leveling they need to improve on and scale their existing environmental and climate initiatives that meet the urgent needs of their regions as well as impact global sustainability goals. Each participant and their organization receive support, tools, and mentorship to develop actionable climate and environmental strategies for their region. They also gain new skills, visibility, resources, and momentum for their critical work.


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