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Esther Maurice


In the past year, Esther has grown more than 1,200 trees in her community and trained others to do the same. Together they are taking action to reverse climate change and ensure their families' climate resilience.

Esther lives in Kenya. In 2019 her women’s group participated in WEA’s Women and Climate Training Program and learned they have the power to transform the climate crisis.

With the help of WEA, and our generous supporters, Esther’s group launched a native tree growing campaign and is training community members how to grow and manage trees on their land so that they can protect their native forests. Together, the group has grown more than 15,000 trees and protected 20 acres of forest!

binta-small 2

Binta Yahaya


Binta lives in Lere, a rural town in Kaduna State, Nigeria. In her town, most women and girls cook over open fires, and many suffer chronic respiratory infections and other health problems from the toxic smoke. 

Binta participated our WISE Clean Energy Training and gained entrepreneurial, leadership and technical skills, as well as a grant to launch a clean cookstove enterprise. Within a week, Binta sold 70 clean cookstoves to women in her village. Within a year, she’d sold 1,000! Binta witnessed first-hand the many health benefits, and reduced medical and fuel costs for these families.


Lia Putrinda


Lia has been passionately protecting the delicate ecosystems of the native mangrove forest in East Java, Indonesia since 2005. Lia and her neighbors rely on this critical habitat for food, income and protection from extreme weather. Overfishing and logging have put the entire ecosystem at risk.

Lia participated in WEA’s Indonesia Accelerator and was able to strengthen her project management skills and connect with other grassroots women leaders. She also received a grant to grow her work. Now, Lia has engaged 5,000 members of local women’s groups in forest conservation, restoring and protecting 131 hectares of coast and inland forests. She’s also helping to educate both local children and adults in successful and respectful ecotourism.