Report Launch + Week of Action to end Environmental Violence!


After 2 years in the making, WEA and Native Youth Sexual Health Network are ready to launch “Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence.” This community-based report and toolkit for action exposes the devastating impacts that extractive industries like fracking and mining have on the health and safety of Indigenous women. We also highlight the voices of leaders who are working to resist this violence and curtail the impacts of industry on Indigenous communities and lands.
Please help share the message of this report by joining our Week of Action, “#landbodydefense” this week — JUNE 6-10. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Check out the Week of Action Kit, which contains easy online ways to take action, including sample posts and more.
  2. Take part in any of the Suggested Actions and share with the hashtag #landbodydefense. We’ve made it easy for you — some take no more than a few minutes. (For example, you can take a photo of your hand touching the earth and share it on social media with hashtag #landbodydefense and link Demand an end to environmental violence.
  3. Encourage others to do the same. Email or tag others you know will want to participate. Tag your local policymakers if possible. Spread the action!

We are grateful for the time, insights and trust of the women and young people who offered their voices, experiences, and knowledge to ensure that this work reflects the reality of what is happening on the ground.

Thank you for standing with impacted communities as together we shed light on environmental violence.

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