Nadiatu and Victoria improve access to water in Ghana

Nadiatu and Victoria are proof that Global Women’s Water Initiative’s (GWWI) lessons and impact reach far beyond the realm of water technology.  These women left the structured environment of the GWWI training not only with technical knowledge, but also with the confidence and enthusiasm necessary to successfully implement water technologies in their own community.  The two women were able to educate their village about the harmful bacteria in their current water supply and, although they did not utilize the exact water collection systems learned at the GWWI training, they were able to extend the knowledge to formulate a water system that was best suited to their village specifically.  Nadiatu and Victoria turned their pipe project into a grassroots undertaking that incorporated the entire village, further demonstrating the positive impact that educating women can have on a community as a whole.  Through the use of FlipCams, the women were able to capture the construction process as well as the community celebration that followed.  Nadiatu and Victoria are compelling examples of the life-changing impact of the GWWI as well as the force educated women leaders present in developing communities.

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