Water, Women and Waves on Wednesdays!


Happy New Year! And what a great start! GWWI is so proud to continue sharing the stories of the amazing women who attended our 3rd Grassroots Women and Water Training and inaugural Advanced Training and Fellowship Program (link to GWWI page). Starting next week we’ll be starting a series called Water, Women and Waves inviting you to learn about all the incredible impact our trainings have had on the women, their families and their communities.

To date, over 3000 people have access to clean water and sanitation in households, schools, a women’s prison, churches and other community centers. Women, many who never have imagined laying bricks, mixing cement, erecting structures are building rainwater harvesting systems, toilets and Biosand filters!  The transformations are priceless and the opportunities are endless!

Women bear the greatest burden when it comes to lack of access to water and sanitation. We are here to transform those burdens into opportunities! We want to hear your thoughts! Follow us on Twitter @womenwater and like us on Facebook and join the discussion!

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