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World Rivers Review: The story of Comfort and Georgina’s provision of improved water and sanitation in Ghana

“Water is life. When everyone has access to sources of water that are treated, protected and managed effectively, there will be improvement in the livelihood of the community members – especially women and children who have to move miles away in search of water for daily household activities.”
—Nadiatu Ali and Victoria Yaro (2010 GWWI Grassroots Graduates)

For full story, click here

For full story, click here

More people die from unsafe water than all forms of violence, including war. Africa faces some of the most acute and devastating water problems in the world. African women must endure the worst of these challenges, yet they are often left out of development schemes and policies. The FAO recognizes that the “exclusion of women from the planning of water supply and sanitation schemes is a major cause of their high rate of failure.” Click here to read the story of Comfort and Georgina who are changing rural water and sanitation in their Ghanaian community.

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