As we write this, leaders in our alliance in Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and the U.S. are poised to meet the challenge of this moment. We have food forests growing, drought-resistant plants in the ground, and community solar farms humming. We have food banks, seed banks, and micro-banks. We are sharing not hoarding, organizing not isolating, and innovating not retracting.

Women like Raihal Fajri from Aceh, Indonesia, are made for this moment. Raihal sprung into action in 2004 after a tsunami devastated her region, leading to a drastic deterioration in the quality of her community's water source that was located next to a concrete mine. Raihal tirelessly pushed at the government, the concrete mine leadership, and the media until her campaign succeeded in closing the mine and protecting her community from further harm.

Raihal is no stranger to crisis. When COVID-19 hit, the NGO she leads pivoted their environmental and health programming to respond. Her team immediately launched a food distribution program that is providing for community members who are cut off from food and supplies. Because they know the customs, social dynamics, and unique challenges of their home village, their aid is exactly what people need, and not a dollar is wasted.

Our COVID and Climate Resiliency Program mobilizes urgently-needed resources for women leaders like Raihal.

Help us supercharge the work of women leaders in our Alliance to: build handwashing stations, improve sanitation practices, create food distribution programs, grow food security, and provide relief to communities that are hit hardest.



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We are so grateful to the group of WEA champions who've stepped forward to match dollar-for-dollar the first $75,000 we raise. Please give generously knowing that your gift (which will be doubled) extends beyond this crisis, sustaining initiatives that protect people and our environment now, and far into the future.

Together, we can rise to this challenge because #WEAreMadeForThis.