Because of your partnership this year, Women's Earth Alliance launched the first annual U.S. Accelerator for Women Environmental Leaders in partnership with Sierra Club, and now grassroots women leaders from 15 U.S. states and territories are taking their critical environmental solutions to the next level. We are so excited to share a bit of the magic with you through this short video (thanks to Survival Media Agency!)

Whether it’s by transitioning conventional farms to organic, protecting coral reefs, reforesting burned regions, creating community-driven solar projects, ensuring food security through community gardens, or working to protect watersheds—WEA Leaders around the world are playing a huge role in protecting our environment and ensuring that millions of people have the skills and tools needed to thrive in unpredictable times.

The goal of our year-end campaign is for 250 of you to join our Alliance with donations of $10 (or more!) We only have 100 to go, and we hope you will be one of them!


Next year, WEA will engage powerful global partnerships to deepen and launch programs in the U.S., Indonesia, East Africa, India, and Latin America. Together with your support, we can exponentially grow the number of women participants, environmental solutions, and lives improved around the world.

Let’s continue to believe that it is possible to protect our earth for future generations. Let’s trust the wisdom of brave earth guardians giving it all. And because we believe that transformation is in fact possible, let’s keep investing in it powerfully—with our hearts, our minds, and our resources.

In partnership,
The WEA Team

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