Zakiya Harris (aka Sh8peshifter)



Ohlone Territory, Oakland, California, USA

Affiliations & Roles

Cultural Architect working at the intersections of Art, Education and Spiritual Entrepreneurship 

Co-founder: Impact Hub Oakland,

Co-founder: The Black Permaculture Network,

Co-founder: Hack the Hood

Zakiya Harris affectionately known as Sh8peshifter, is a woman charting her own path in  life. A Cultural Architect, she has over 2 decades of experience working at the intersections of Art, Education and Spiritual Entrepreneurship.  Zakiya is the co-founder of nationally recognized projects Impact Hub Oakland, The Black Permaculture Network, Hack the Hood and a Culture Bank West Oakland Fellow. Currently, she serves as the Business Navigator for ArtsWeb a decentralized community that connects community-based artists with business service providers. Zakiya is a published author and intuitive life coach on mission to midwife purpose driven women  from stagnation to activation through creativity and wellness. As a successful performance artist, she has released two EP’s and is also the company member of Ase Dance Theater Collective and House Full of Black Women. Awards and recognitions include the Ella Baker Center Future Leaders Award and YBCA 100. In 2019, she traveled to Osogbo, Nigeria where she became initiated as a priest of Oya in the West African Spiritual tradition of Isese. In her spare time, you can find her near a body of water, reading Octavia Butler, cooking with her 14 year old daughter.

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