C.A.R.E. with Grassroots Women in Honor of

Earth Day

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Join Women’s Earth Alliance and Sierra Club for an online event


Who CAREs? A Conversation on Feminist Climate Action


For millennia, women have been the bedrock of the “care economy”-- nurturing our families, laboring to better our societies, and stewarding the Earth and its precious resources. As the climate emergency intensifies, so does the burden on our world’s women. Yet from these frontlines, women leaders are designing solutions from the ground up. Listen to this conversation with four powerful leaders from the 2020 U.S. Grassroots Accelerator Program as we discuss what CARE looks like in their communities and their climate justice movements.

WATCH The Recording Below.

Desiree Shelley Flores 5

Event Panelists

Co-Founder, Seven Directions of Service

Enrolling us in her campaign to organize and build power within the BIPOC communities as they resist the continuation of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) while uplifting sacred sites. Read more here!

Climate Justice Organizer, Mothers Out Front

Sharing her journey of resistance to the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and her work as an indigenous climate justice organizer. Read more here!

Grounded, Founder

Committed to bringing together the brightest minds and leading solutionists to foster greater collaboration, drive mass awareness, and scale game-changing solutions to urgently address the climate crisis.

Founder & Executive Director, LEAD

Unveiling the devastating consequences of Tar Creek’s contamination in her community and the surrounding Quapaw, Miami, Ottawa and Peoria tribal lands, what her 40 years of heroic movement building and advocacy has helped to accomplish, and how much still needs to be done. Read more here!

Women’s Earth Alliance, Co-Director

Introducing us to Women’s Earth Alliance and our CARE Framework, which links the care economy to grassroots women leadership around climate and the environment.

Equation Campaign, Director

Intentionally funding the missing pieces of the climate equation by allocating resources and dedicating them to climate justice by funding movements on the ground to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Sierra Club, Gender Equity and Environment Program

Sharing Sierra Club’s legacy in Feminist Climate Action, including the partnership with WEA to create the U.S. Grassroots Accelerator as well as the connection between the  CARE Economy and the Feminist Green New Deal.

Training Manager, Climate Advocacy Lab

Highlighting Black women’s resilience, connection to land, and how the relationships we build can lead to collective resiliency. Sharing how her experience as a Black woman in organizing spaces is connected to  childhood experiences in nature. Read more here!