GWWI Women and Water on Wednesdays: GWWI Director, Gemma Bulos Raising the Voice of Women in Water on Huffington Post!

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Gemma Bulos, GWWI Director

The Global Women’s Water Initiative is so excited to announce that Gemma Bulos, GWWI Director,  published a powerful article, “Transforming Women’s Water Burdens Into Economic Opportunities” in the Huffington Post!  Because of this recent piece, she has been invited to be a regular HuffPost blogger!

As an award-winning social entrepreneur, water advocate, trainer and musician, she now has an international platform to raise the voices of women in water, environment, social entrepreneurship and climate change. This is an incredible opportunity to share the work of GWWI, Women’s Earth Alliance, our partners and peers to bring to the forefront the challenges and most importantly, the solutions that are being implemented all over the globe by one of our most untapped resources – women.
WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! To keep the drumbeat going and to ensure that we continue a public conversation about women’s leadership and the environment, we need to build our audience! The more we share this info, the greater the opportunity for us to connect, share and most important  – collaborate!  The Global Women’s Water Initiative has set an ambitious goal of building our FB and Twitter followers to 500 by Mother’s Day! Can you help us?
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Thank you so much for being part of the conversation! The more we talk about the issues we care about and invite people to take action in whatever way they are feeling most powerful –  the greater chances we have of creating the change we want to see in the world! Join the WAVE!!!

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