Spring Edition of the WEAvings Newsletter: BIG things at WEA!

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As we enter our 13th spring at WEA, we know more than ever the power of global grassroots action. Global movements like the recent climate protests led by youth around the world, remind us that ideas can germinate faster than ever, and indeed, no person or idea is too small to change the course of history. The message shared by Greta Thunberg took to the wind and was picked up by millions of us– poised and ready to act. Before we could say “World Wide Web” the biggest day of climate action in history occurred, with the next level of urgency articulated by none other than our world’s next generation.

Truly, this is an incredible time to be alive and to know in every cell of our bodies that we are all on the frontlines. The climate reports can be paralyzing but they don’t have to be. Inside these predictions and warnings is a blueprint for action across every sector of society–from our individual choices to our economic systems. There is an act, a choice, and a stand that each and every one of us can take at this historic juncture.

As Spring blossoms, WEA is digging deeper into our commitment to ensuring women’s grassroots environmental solutions can flourish. We are reminded of what makes WEA who we are — YOU. Since our start — one circle of 30 women — WEA has given rise to thousands of more circles around the world.  Many of you have been in these circles.  Many of you have supported these circles to multiply.

In WEA’s latest WEAvings Newsletter, you’ll find more on:

  • Our exciting new partnerships, like our work with the Sierra Club
  • New initiatives in the U.S., Indonesia, and Kenya and calls for applications
  • A global event hosted by EILEEN FISHER that supports WEA
  • And more!

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