Summer Edition of the WEAvings Newsletter: Summer vibes, spring gathering, #PlantingSeedGrants, and more!

Tropics Accelerator Brazil
Dear Friends,

Yesterday, communities in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Summer Solstice. It was a vibrant reminder that 2023 is halfway over, and that we're beginning the slow journey back to Winter.

Wait. 2023 is halfway over? Already?

2023 has been a whirlwind! From traveling to visit partners in new regions (Brazil! Mexico! More below...), to joining with WEA supporters at our Spring Gathering in the Bay Area, it’s clear that the seeds we’ve planted are taking root.

This year hasn’t come without its challenges. Global greenhouse gas emissions are at an all time high, forest fires rage in Canada, and the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by 2030.

Yet, as we look to the horizon of what's ahead this year, we’re reassured: where there are challenges, there are women climate leaders working day by day, region by region to design a path forward.

That’s why we launched our Spring Campaign, #PlantingSeedGrants, to ensure  leaders have the critical infusion of support to design solutions our world desperately needs. WEA Leaders are protecting and restoring Kenya’s last tropical rainforest, transitioning farms to regenerative agriculture, protecting soil health to ensure optimum carbon drawdown, and more. We invite you to step alongside WEA Leaders and plant seeds with us!

This is why partnerships like the one WEA launched with L’Oréal Paris on World Environment Day are more important than ever. The company is taking their longstanding commitment to women’s empowerment and sustainability one powerful step forward by investing in WEA’s women-led environmental and climate projects around the world.

So as we honor the Summer Solstice, we thank you for being a part of the WEA community. Together, we are creating a world where women's voices are heard, where grassroots climate solutions thrive, and where the Earth flourishes.

Keep blooming,

Amira, Melinda, and Kahea
WEA Co-Directors


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