WEA Alumni Circle Event: Reforesting the Planet

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It has been proven time and again that women play a pivotal role in the efforts against climate change. Here, among us, are many such women who lead vast initiatives such as forest restoration and ecosystem protection, as part of their indigenous communities and work with grassroots level leaders  to create the impacts that we can see today.


In the next WEA Alumni Circle, we invite all WEA leaders across the globe who work on reforestation initiatives to share their stories to the Alumni Circle. In this session, we will also be joined by two of our leaders from Kenya and Indonesia, Rose Wamalwa and Sumarni Laman to be panelists to talk about their work and share their milestones and successes with the Circle.


Let us find out what they do, how they do it amazingly and how best we can support each other in the forest restoration effort!


USA: 6.30 AM EST

Nigeria: 12.30 PM WAT

Kenya: 14.30 PM EAT

India: 17.00 PM IST

Indonesia: 18.30 PM WIB

WEA Alumni Circle 5 Square Poster

About Speakers:

Rose Wamalwa is WEA’s East Africa Regional Director focusing on building WEA’s work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda and leading reforestation efforts. In parallel, she also leads an organization called Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation which improves the lives of women, girls, and other vulnerable children in East Africa through access to education, health service, and capacity building for economic empowerment.

Sumarni Laman is  one of 2019 Indonesia Grassroots Accelerator’s participants based in Palangkaraya, Borneo. She is currently running The Heartland Project - a national movement to raise awareness about forest issues through planting trees on forestland that was previously burned or mined. The Heartland Project has already engaged over 1000 participants and planted more than 2,500 trees.

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