In 2006, something remarkable happened. It started with a few women, and then it grew. And it grew. And it grew. Today, WEA is a global alliance. We are advocates, entrepreneurs, cultural practitioners, trainers, technicians, artists, community organizers, who are banding together to ensure the long-term health of our planet.

Bondita Acharya

Project Lead: Together for H2OPE

Amira Diamond

Co-Founder, Co-Director

Melinda Kramer

Founder, Co-Director

Arielle Moinester

Program Director

Olanike Olugboji

Project Lead: WISE Women’s Clean Cookstoves Project

Kahea Pacheco

Associate Director

Sarita Pockell

Director of Alliance + Curriculum

Sunita Rao

Project Lead: Seeds of Resilience

Tarita Roy Choudhury

Project Coordinator

Rose Wamalwa

Project Lead: Climate Resiliency in Kenya

Sara Anderson

Program + Operations Intern

Kajol Gupta

Program + Operations Intern


Glenna Herbert

Program + Operations Intern

Amanda Mier

Social Media + Communications Intern


We give thanks to the members of our team through the years– whose vision, tenacity, and brilliance are at the heart of WEA.

Maame Afon, Celia Alario, Nikila Badua, Stephanie Bernstein, Zach Behar, Ethan Boehme, Cath Brozena, Gemma Bulos, Heather Burbeau, Annie Burke, Jennifer Carter-Scott, Rucha Chitnis, Orli Cotel, Temra Costa, Angela Mooney D’Arcy, Nitin Das, Kath Delaney, Malia Everette, Sophie Fried, Stacey Frost, Maeanna Glenn, Nell Greenberg, Lisa Gurwitch, Eileen Harrington, Jan Hartsough, Paul Hawken, Sandra Hay, Nick Heldfond, Julia Butterfly Hill, Rachel Humphrey, Susan Kamprath, Arshinder Kaur, Rachael Sydney Knight, John Knox, Shannon Laliberte, Leah Lamb, Scott Leonard, Susan Ma, Angela Mason, Catriona MacGregor, Brittany McCormick, AJ Pell, Dave Phillips, Erica Priggen, Heidi Quante, Carole Roberts, Beth Robertson, Gaya Roshan, Ben Schick, Karly Sherwood, Caitlin Sislin, Reetu Sogani, Pandora Thomas, Joshua Vogelstein, Janet Wallace, Karri Winn, Earth Island Institute, WEA’s founding mothers, and all our devoted fellows, global peers, exchange participants, interns, and volunteers: WEA was built in your loving hands.