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Archive for October 2009

From The Fields : Which gulab jamun was your favorite?

By Deepa Iyres Cecoedecon – sounds mysterious – is it a recently discovered dinosaur, the Latin name of an indigenous seed, an exotic Indian dish with a strange spelling? Actually, it is an amazing organization, but let’s talk about what the buzz is really about. Which gulab jamun was your favorite? Was it the denser,…

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From The Fields : Intrigued and well-fed in Punjab

By Rucha Chitnis We wake up in Ludhiana. View Larger Map It’s day 3 of WEA’s India Women and Agriculture Initiative. We are 14 women, transplants from different parts of the world, who have a deep sense of reverence for land, food cultures and the sanctity of our food systems. We find ourselves transported to…

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From The Fields : WEA and Satya-Jyoti Celebrate 350!

By Corinne Almquist We rose before dawn this morning to greet one of the most exciting days of the year: the 350 International Day of Climate Action. Sunrise found us huddled on the station platform in Chandigarh, awaiting our train to Delhi. Hours later, our journey continued by bus into Rajasthan, with the landscape transitioning…

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