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Archive for February 2012

Mama Solar Shines with Solar CooKit

Faustine Odaba, or Mama Solar as she has been so aptly named, is the Sun Queen  – teaching women all over Africa how to cook and pasteurize their water using simple solar technologies. She is the award-winning Founder and Director of Natural Resources and Waste Resource Alliance dedicated to promoting eco-friendly technologies. Her motto, “Waste…

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Women and Water on Wednesdays – Power in Partnership

Rachel and Grace were participants at Global Women’s Water Initiative Training program in 2011. Both Rachel and Grace work in leadership roles at the Bukoba Women’s Water Empowerment Association (BUWEA) in Tanzania. BUWEAs ultimate goal is to create opportunities for women living in rural areas to increase their household income. BUWEA has over 350 women…

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GWWI Women and Water on Wednesdays: It’s All About Relationships

Lily Dimling of Global Soap Project Shares Her Experience as a GWWI Fellow When I spent two months last summer as a fellow with the Global Women’s Water Initiative in Uganda, I hoped it would not be what a colleague termed as “drive by” international development. I have a MS in sustainable development, and nothing…

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GWWI Women, Water on Wednesdays: Clean Water to Supplement Food Security in Kitale, Kenya

Jane and Lindah are powerful leaders in Kilili Self Help Project (KSHP), a community based organization in Kitale, Kenya. KSHP works with poor farmers in the Western North Rift of Kenya, teaching them the skills of biointensive farming methods. Implementing grass roots development work, they aim to improve food security, soil fertility and empower communities.…

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