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Archive for March 2012


n:  an Nguni word from South Africa that addresses the notion of our interconnectedness as human beings. Sentence: “Umuntu ngumuntu ngamuntu:” “I am a person through other people.”   I have been contemplating the implications of ubuntu in my journey to finding my life’s purpose. One February afternoon, I met with Phil Hutchings, founding member…

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GWWI Women and Water On Wednesdays: Katosi Women’s Development Trust Wins the 3rd Kyoto World Water Grand Prize!

CONGRATULATIONS are in order! Global Women’s Water Initiative is thrilled to share that our resource partner Katosi Women’s Development Trust (KWDT) has just won the 3rd Kyoto World Water Grand Prize at the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France! KWDT is such an incredible organization. KWDT enables rural women to effectively manage their social, economic and political…

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International Women’s Day: A Powerful Reason for Hope

Dear Friends and Supporters, Happy International Women’s Day! It is fitting that we take this inspiring day to focus on women’s leadership. In 2012, WEA will be deepening the conversation about the centrality of grassroots women’s leadership in sustainable development processes. At WEA, we have seen first-hand how grassroots women leaders are driving change in…

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