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Archive for August 2010

WEA Advocates Strategize for Solar Energy on Navajo Mine Land

This week, WEA is hosting a two-day strategy meeting in collaboration with our Sacred Earth Advocacy Initiative project partners from the Navajo Green Economy Coalition, and advocates from Dominican University’s Green MBA and the Environmental Finance Center. Our aim is to support the Navajo team in developing the business plan for a visionary initiative: a…

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Raising Our Voices: Women farmers share their accounts

A heart to heart conversation with women farmers in the desert state of Rajasthan, who share their first-hand experiences with climate change and water issues and the solutions that women need to creatively solve their problems using local knowledge and appropriate technologies. This meeting was facilitated by CECOEDICON, a grassroots organization that works to advance…

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Women Farmers, Drought & Resilience

Rucha and I visited block Chaksu in Jaipur district the same afternoon and met some of the most inspiring women farmers who are served by CECOEDECON. These farmers were representatives of a strong women’s Self Help Groups (SHG) created to provide micro loans among the group and generate small savings that are held in a…

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Yes! Women are Farmers!

A blog post by WEA’s India Director, Rucha Chitnis “Mahila hi kisaan hai! Wohi bharat ki shaan hai,” chant a group of rural women assembled at a meeting in the village of Janakpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This slogan is a rallying cry by rural women, who are proclaiming, “Yes, women are farmers!…

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Global Sol Festival

We’re so excited about Global Sol this weekend, featuring Arrested Development, Hamsa Lila, Michael Kang and others, all benefitting WEA. Check out the posting in the East Bay Express about the event for more information. We look forward to celebrating with you!   House of Hamsa Presents: GLOBAL SOL A 2-NIGHT URBAN FESTIVAL & DANCE…

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