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Archive for July 2016

Climate Change Effects Lead to Mass Migration in India

­ “Displacement for populations due to erratic and extreme weather, a fallout of climate change, has become a scary reality for millions of people across swathes of India. Flooding in Jammu and Kashmir last year, in Uttarakhand in 2013 and in Assam in 2012 displaced 1.5 million people.” South Asia continues to be hard hit by…

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Meet the Interns: Hi, Olivia!

Every summer, we get a chance to work with an incredible team of intelligent, inspirational interns, and while they may not be with us for very long, their impact on the WEA team will always be felt. We are so fortunate to have had Olivia join us for part of her summer as part of…

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“Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies” report published

Last month, and after two years in the making, WEA and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network officially launched “Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence” a community-based report and toolkit for action. But we didn’t want it to be just a launch; instead, we wanted to use…

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Congress Passes the Global Food Security Act of 2016

By: Janice Kim, Programs + Operations Intern Last week, in a celebrated step forward, Congress passed the Global Food Security Act (GFSA) of 2016. With just the president’s signature needed now, the GFSA reaffirms the United States’ commitment to supporting global food security and nutrition. Though the newest version of the bill doesn’t create new…

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