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Archive for March 2015

A Look into the World of Water in Mali

The Malian village of Diatoula, Mali, a West African country with 4.9 million people, a third of the population, lacking safe water. But 75% of Mali’s people don’t have adequate sanitation. Tara Todras Whitehill, with WaterAid, angles her camera lens at state of water in villages throughout Mali, and across Western Africa, and how people, mostly…

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Sacred Land Threatened by Fracking

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, 4,600 square-miles of Anasazi ruins, and other archeological remains of structures over 1,000 years old, is nestled in the San Juan Basin in the four-corners area of New Mexico. It has long been a sacred place for the Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi people. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization…

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Resistance of Indigenous Women Stretches from North to South

Across the Americas, the plight of Native people, and women in particular, continues to be ignored. From North to South, the systematic state discrimination against women excludes their participation in politics, discourages their participation in movements through the threat of violence, and belittles not only their political demands but also their very lives. 1,200 indigenous women…

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