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Archive for June 2012

GWWI Women and Water: GWWI Collaboration Celebrates 4th Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate! Four years ago today the Global Women’s Water Initiative welcomed 50 grassroots women leaders from all over Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States to launch our first Women and Water Training in Nairobi, Kenya. We gathered together at the Green Belt Movement Training Center hosted by GROOTS Kenya to share stories of…

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GWWI: Women and Water on Wednesdays: Kenya to Enact Rainwater Harvesting Act – Great Opportunity for GWWI Grads

Posted by Gemma Bulos Follow Gemma, GWWI Director/HuffPost Blogger on Twitter Great news for GWWI Kenya Grads! According to the Kenyan Ministry of Water Deputy Director of Water Resources Juma Omondi, the Kenya Rainwater Harvesting Act will be enacted by the end of 2012. The law will advocate for the integration of household and industrial rainwater harvesting (RWH)…

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GWWI Women and Water: Congratulations to GWWI Fellows!

A huge and hearty congratulations to our wonderful Fellows! So much great news to share. In 2011, GWWI was excited to integrate a Fellows Program to link women grad students and professionals with grassroots women in Africa with the intention of creating a peer learning experience to build women’s leadership in water, sanitation and hygiene…

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