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Archive for December 2013

Recognizing Women’s Leadership to Mitigate Conflict & Climate Change

By: Rucha Chitnis, Director of Grantmaking (@ruchachitnis) Manipur, a state in India bordering Burma, is part of the “Seven Sisters” — seven contiguous states in Northeastern India, known for their rich ethnic diversity, bountiful natural resources, as well as political conflict and turmoil.  For over 50 years now, Manipur has been bound by the controversial…

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Phionah: From Sex-Worker to Water Champion

By Gemma Bulos, Global Women’s Water Initiative Director “I have been a sex worker for so many years, but when I met Godliver (GWWI Head Technology Trainer), I have withdrawn. She trained me on tanks, now I can make bricks, I can make a tank… I think I can almost be a technical engineer!” —…

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The Winnemem Wintu and the fight for the McCloud River

By Kahea Pacheco (Advocacy Network Coordinator) and Molly Garritson (WEA General Intern) “The salmon are an integral part of our lifeway and of a healthy McCloud River watershed. We believe that when the last salmon is gone, humans will be gone too. Our fight to return the salmon to the McCloud River is no less…

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