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Archive for October 2010

Guest Blogger: Julia Butterfly Hill

  The photo above features Seane Corn (Off the Mat and Into the World), Melinda Kramer (WEA), Amira Diamond (WEA), Julia Butterfly Hill, and Suzanne Sterling (Off the Mat). Transforming Women’s Lives, Transforming the World On October 20th, the international non-profit organization Women’s Earth Alliance convened a gathering in Culver City, CA – bringing together…

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Power Lines

Where do you get your power? Does it emerge from the ground beneath your feet? Do you look to the sky or to the waters for it? Does it coalesce within your community? As power flows towards you, does it render others’ lives bleak while it brightens yours? Will your great grandchildren’s great grandchildren be…

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  In this magnificent southwest desert, a person cannot help but notice rocks and boulders. Peculiar stone outcroppings and plateaus highlight the striking landscape. There is also a mysterious sense that stories are written in the layered strata of the ancient mountains. We are four days in on our southwest journey with WEA’s Advocacy Delegation:…

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Be That Voice

By: Joanna Levitt, WEA Advocacy Delegate, Director, International Accountability Project (IAP) There are obvious, striking similarities between the issues being faced on the Navajo Nation and the community struggles IAP supports in Asia and Latin America for development justice. IAP aims to increasingly facilitate exchange between our Global South colleagues and grassroots counterparts in other…

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