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Archive for February 2014

From our Allies: Indian People’s Action and the Tar Sands Megaloads

“[Tar sands oil] is not a future issue, it’s causing the land to be inhospitable, both on the reservations and for the surrounding area… There’s no way we’re going to change the surrounding area once it’s destroyed.” — Naomi Oderman, Media Liaison with Indian People’s Action (source) There are many equally important facets of the Keystone…

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GWWI Partners with KIVA

By Bess Zewdie, Research Intern Global Women’s Water Initiative is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Kiva, the worlds largest – and highly successful – online micro-lending platform. Kiva allows contributors to fund loans in low socio-economic communities, where access to conventional means of financial support is not available. This is done through their…

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The Long Arm of the Tar Sands: The Alberta Clipper Pipeline

By: Kahea Pacheco (Advocacy Network Coordinator) and Sophie Sparksworthy (WEA Intern) “[We recognize] that the tar sands in northern Alberta, Canada is one of the largest remaining deposits of unconventional oil in the world, containing approximately 2 trillion barrels, and there are plans for a massive expansion of development that would ultimately destroy an area…

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