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Behind Bolivia’s Ambitious Agriculture Goals

Since Evo Morales – the first Indigenous president to rule a majority Indigenous country – took office in 2006, there have been major changes to the government operation of Bolivia, including an overhaul of the constitution in 2009. However, his efforts to help Indigenous and impoverished communities by increasing access to food and land for more…

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Resistance of Indigenous Women Stretches from North to South

Across the Americas, the plight of Native people, and women in particular, continues to be ignored. From North to South, the systematic state discrimination against women excludes their participation in politics, discourages their participation in movements through the threat of violence, and belittles not only their political demands but also their very lives. 1,200 indigenous women…

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WEA and Fondo Semillas Support Indigenous Women Leaders

In Mexico, the legal system fails to include any specific legislation protecting women’s land and property rights. Therefore, Indigenous women’s actual control over property has been very limited. Despite the urgency and importance of the situation, there are very few organizations working to improve women’s access to land. That is why WEA has partnered with Fondo Semillas—the only women’s…

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Current State of Indigenous People in Mexico

OneWorld gives a broad overview of the current issues facing the indigenous communities and especially women, in Mexico. Systemic rape, aggression and assassinations of indigenous women has skyrocketed in the past 10 years, as has natural resource extraction, issues with organizing indigenous communities, and the ever-lasting search for justice. Compounding these issues is the fact…

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