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The Black Mesa Mine Mess

Women Earth Alliance’s Caitlin Sislin has written on High Country News about the current opportunity for comment regarding the Peabody Western Coal Company’s water permit review process.  She writes: “A controversial clean water permit for a coal mine complex sited at a Navajo and Hopi sacred mountain is once again up for review by the…

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One of many extraordinary women

The women involved in Women Earth Alliance are extraordinary women. Olanike Olugboji, a participant in the Global Women’s Water Initiative’s 2008 African Women and Water Training, has launched a new venture and has written about it on World Pulse. She writes, “when people’s daily needs are met, they are better able to think about the…

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Solutions for Community Resilience

2009 was a banner year for Women’s Earth Alliance, there’s no doubt about it. But we knew that the wave of momentum wasn’t going to stop. In fact, here on our blog we predicted that “2010 is going to rock.” So far it has, thanks to you. Last week we held the first Women’s Earth…

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Report from the West African Women and Water Training

Preparation Days-Global Women’s Water Initiative West African Women and Water Training By Mariah Maggio The latest adventure of GWWI’s Women and Water Training program in bringing powerful African women together to create solutions for water issues has begun! The phrase, “hit the ground running” was never as appropriately applied as to how it describes the…

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Victory for Earth and Community in the Navajo Nation

This week, an administrative law judge for the Department of Interior issued an historic decision revoking Peabody Coal Company’s permit for its Black Mesa and Kayenta coal mines, effecting a precedent-setting victory in the decades-long struggle for environmental justice on Black Mesa. The decision also signals that while the Obama Administration still has its work…

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