Giveaway! Farmer Jane by Temra Costa


We are so thrilled to share with you an interview with Temra Costa and a blog celebration of her new book, Farmer Jane.
Temra is kind enough to give away 2 signed copies of her book to readers of this blog (you!). [All you need to do is leave a comment below. Winners will be picked randomly on Friday, April 30, 2010. One comment per person please!]
Comments are closed and the winners are…

Ryah (her blog)
Cindy (her blog)

Thank you to all who entered!

Work we believe in (A letter from Paul Hawken and Julia Butterfly Hill)

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Dear Friends, 

As you know, Women’s Earth Alliance has a $100,000 match on the table. This morning Amira and Melinda told us that they are 75% there.  As WEA Advisors and donors, we see this as a tremendous moment for this world-class organization. 

If you haven’t already (which many of you have!), we invite you to include Women’s Earth Alliance in your year-end contributions.  There has never been a better time to step in and support their work because your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 

When supported with the tools they need, grassroots women leaders are an unstoppable force.
Solome from Uganda is a perfect example.  She works with grandmothers who are left to care for as many as 12 grandchildren because their parents have died from HIV/AIDS.  Through her work with WEA and the Global Women’s Water Initiative, she has taught grandmothers throughout her region how to bring clean water to their families using rainwater harvesting techniques. Hundreds of people in this community now have access to a safe, hope-filled future. 

Here are the ways for you to participate in inspired giving to WEA:
1. Make a one-time contribution or a 3-year pledge today. Gifts of any size make a huge difference.
2. Buy a WEA Gift Card for a loved one. (Here’s a video to tell you how.)
3. Join the WEA Giving Circle by making a three-year pledge (which will be matched dollar-for-dollar each year)
Thank you for being a part of the WEA family and helping us reach this unprecedented dollar-for-dollar match.

With joy,

Paul Hawken and Julia Butterfly Hill

Big news : A $100,000 match opportunity!


We have some very exciting news to share!
This season a generous anonymous donor gave WEA an incredible opportunity:  for every dollar donated to Women’s Earth Alliance by December 31, 2009, our donor will match it up to $100,000. And it gets even better: our donor will offer this match in 2010 and 2011 as well!
This could not come at a better time for WEA. Our team recently completed a 3-year strategic planning process, mapping a clear vision for the next 3 years. This match offers WEA the opportunity to create the sustained and reliable support we need to connect women environmental leaders with the tools they need to bring clean water, healthy food, and environmental justice to their communities for generations to come.
There has never been a more powerful moment to step forward and make a contribution to Women’s Earth Alliance. Every dollar is matched, and every dollar brings us closer to reaching this new height.
Here is how you can weave yourself in:

  1. Join the Women’s Earth Alliance Giving Circle, a group of visionaries who donate $1,500, $5,000, $20,000 or $100,000 each year for 3 years. Remember, your pledge will be matched for 3 years!
  2. Give your loved ones the perfect holiday gift this season. They will appreciate it more than stuff — we promise!
  3. Make a one-time contribution or a 3-year pledge today. Gifts of any size make a huge difference.

We joyfully invite you to take the next step with Women’s Earth Alliance.  Together we can ensure that an international network of women leaders working toward a sustainable, just world will flourish.  Your donation supports this crucial, world-healing work.
And regardless of whether or not you donate this Season, we are grateful to have you a part of Women’s Earth Alliance.
Thank you for all that you give. Thank you for who you are.
Amira and Melinda

The time is now


It’s an exciting time to be doing what we’re doing here at Women’s Earth Alliance. Economists, world leaders, and policy experts alike are beginning to recognize the central role of women to community health and economic stability. A recent New York Times article said:

“Only a small proportion of aid specifically targets
women or girls, but increasingly donors are recognizing
that that is where they often get the most bang for the buck.”

President Obama appointed a new White House Council on Women and Girls, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a recent interview “women and girls” are a “signature issue” of the administration’s foreign policy. During her tour this month through Africa, Clinton stated,

“Until women around the world are accorded their rights
and afforded the opportunities of education, health care and gainful employment,
global progress and prosperity will have its own glass ceiling.”

Check out these articles:

  • Clinton Global Initiative – at their Annual Meeting last week they added a new focus area for Women and Girls. Read more here.
  • New York Times Magazine – they dedicated a whole issue to what they called ‘The Women’s Crusade’ which can be read here.
  • Half the Sky – written by two Pultizer Prize winning journalists, and an anchor article in the NYTimes Magazine issue above, this book is a call-to-action to invest in and support women and girls

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