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Coming Soon: WEA Advocacy Training, November 4th-6th

  North American indigenous communities face both acute and chronic challenges resulting from environmental degradation.  In response to the systemic and intentional targeting of indigenous lands and communities for environmentally-destructive industrial projects such as mines, hazardous waste facilities, oil refineries and coal-fired power plants, the indigenous environmental justice movement – a grassroots-led movement with national…

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Indigenous Women and the Way Forward from Fukushima

“In a [Navajo] creation story, the people were given a choice of two yellow powders. They chose the yellow dust of corn pollen, and were instructed to leave the other yellow powder—uranium—in the soil and never to dig it up. If it were taken from the ground, they were told, a great evil would come.”…

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Celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Rucha Chitnis, India Program Director, with women farmers in Uttar Pradesh Today marks the 100-year anniversary of International Women’s Day. With ripples of change created by powerful movements world wide, our global community has come far since 1911. And, there is still a long way to go. The UN recently recognized that “longstanding inequalities in…

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Collaborations for the Sacred Earth

Last Wednesday, over 200 people packed the theater and an overflow room at the Brower Center for WEA’s final Weaving the Worlds event of 2010! We are so grateful that so many of our community gathered to support our work in North America. Check out our Facebook page for beautiful photographs of the event.  …

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Power Lines

Where do you get your power? Does it emerge from the ground beneath your feet? Do you look to the sky or to the waters for it? Does it coalesce within your community? As power flows towards you, does it render others’ lives bleak while it brightens yours? Will your great grandchildren’s great grandchildren be…

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